Early Online Registration has ended.
If you haven’t signed up yet, your child is still welcome!

Starting at 6P during conference nights you can register at the door in the lobby.

Conference Details:

July 11th (Tuesday) – July 13th (Thursday)
For kids ages 4 to 12
Each night will start at 6:30P and end at 8P
Doors will open at 6P if you plan to register at the door

Created by God, built for a purpose.

We are super excited about hanging out with your kids again this summer. So sign your children up for our 3rd annual KidsCON! We’ll celebrate all that God has done for them and help them discover their purpose.

These three nights will be filled with lots of energy, games, prizes, live music, skits, and there will also be a guest speaker. Parents are welcome to join in on the fun as well. We hope to see you getting involved for this year’s KidsCON!